Learning with and from Others

Educational Process

My 12 year old daughter is engaged in remote learning and it really seems to be working out well. She appears to thrive in this approach. We are fortunate in having her enrolled in a school that has put a lot of thought and care into their distance learning educational process.

Positive Results

And because their curriculum and implementation is so close to home, it has shown me how, using interractive approaches such as Zoom, can be very effective. Although it does not have the same impact on kids who are are able to engage in, in person socialization, because of the fine work the school is doing, some socialization opportunities are carefully achieved. for example, ively discussions between kids with the facilitation of educators, makes this quite workable. We’ve seen the positive results ourselves.

Interactive Process

Watching the work of the school has inspired me in my own educational approaches with Home Business eLearning. We aim to create eBooks that not only tell you “how to” do something, but also offer solutions for discussions around the concept of media as an interactive process.

Getting to Know Other Educators

Different Methods, One Goal

There are various ways of learning online. For example, although the websites Art Gush, Lights Camera Read and NYC Workshops all have an educational aspect, they all approach learning in different ways.

eBook Creation

Art Gush has gone through the gamut by first starting as a site for exploring the techniques for making a feature film by only one person, and then replacing that content with becoming consults for eBook Creation.

Midtown New York Public Library

Lights Camera Read got its start as a site for family activities in upper Manhattan, then landed a contract with the New York Public Library and participated in a teaching program at a library branch in midtown Manhattan.

Workshops Workshops Workshop

And finally, NYC Workshops worked with a leading after school program, then went on to exploring different workshops that were available in the city.

Do it Anyway

There are so many reasons for NOT doing something. A big one is the fear of being criticized, judged, being mocked and so on. But you have to separate yourself from it and as long as you initially feel good about what you’ve done, hold on to it.

We are collectively feeling just that with the integration of all the aspects of Home Business Achievers including digital, awards and of course us here at E-Learning also known as eLearning. There is even talk of the integration of a marketing oriented department since ultimately all our departments come together to create that.

But what we are doing is new and therefore something that could easily come up as involving bullying from others. Again, we need to realize our feelings and distance ourselves from proclamations of us being worthless.

Worthless feelings can come from something in your past. They are distanced by you today. Focusing on the positivity is a clique, but it doesn’t matter. It is a good focus and one we will be using internally as we build our amazing promotion machine.

First Things First

This is the first post of the “Home Business eLearning” Blog and eBook Sales. Though, the creative and commerce project we are going to start on, does not officially launch until October 1, 2020.