In the USA the Word “Marketing” Can Sometimes Be Off-putting

Method How to Decide Between “Marketing” and “Anti-Marketing”

The word “Marketing” is dangerous. There is a reason that if you use the word “Marketing” in the text content of a mass email you are sending, it will not make it into the primary bin. The assumption is that if you are using the word “Marketing” that you yourself are “Marketing” and that is undesired, hence it goes into the promotional bin.

And yet, it is hard for both Marketers and so-called “Everyday People,” to use the term Anti-Marketing. As is the case with both choices here in the USA is that both sides are right. Though, anti-marketing is likely to be the most popular, if it is shown to be a very scary and dangerous idea.

If you take away anything from all this, it is that people love running away from danger (as a topic), as opposed to embracing happiness (as a topic). Like everything, needless to say, it can vary depending on the presentation of these ideas and who is reading or watching them.

To Succeed as a U.S. Entrepreneur Do You Need to Do Something Different?

No of course not. If you are too different. If you are too ahead of your time. You will likely not win. The winner is the one who gives the illusion of being different but is really the “Same ole same ole.” We are talking about learning based digital products of course. And not technology that is evolving at a quick rate.

So, what are you supposed to do here in the United States? You already know the answer to this question of course. You need to start out with finding an unsolved problem that people have. Next, come up with an appealing solution.

Even better is if this problem needs regular purchases to keep it at bay.

You may have seen a horror movie that aspires to be a franchise. (A) The monster is on the loose which is the problem, (B) The monster is made to no longer be a danger which is the solution. And then finally is (C) in a fast manner something happens that only the movie viewing audience sees, which could the monster’s hand coming out from the dirt. Maybe another movie can therefore be made about the monster returning and creating problems again.

Method How to Not Be Successful in One Easy Lesson

The best way to be unsuccessful is to be paralyzed by fear and nothing else. To be a winner, you need to say “I can fix YOUR fear [which is really the fear of the “expert”] Quickly, Easily and Effectively. In other words, just as it is with many therapists, they are figuring themselves out via figuring out their patients. The message being that you do not have to have the perfect solution. Just something that is of value to somebody. Then find those people and offer your solution to them.