Home Business eLearning Looks at the METHOD HOW to Not Drop the Ball Once You Write an eBook or Make a Course as a Way to “Teach Your Expertise”

When you teach your expertise you do indeed strengthen in the eyes of others that you are an expert in a particular area that people want to know more about. And a great way to teach what you know is in the form of an eBook or Online Course.

But just creating a course is not enough, you need to back up the course with information to gain confidence of the reader, as to win an award. Seeing your industry recognizing you as an expert, clearly builds the confidence in the prospect.

There is nothing new about the hyping of the idea of creating an online course and/or eBook as a way to gain trust as an expert. But what is new in a manner of speaking, is looking at the way that 99.99 percent of the people get it wrong.

They spend all their time creating the two information products which might be very, very good, but no one will know this because where most make the mistake is in marketing, if they even attempt to market it, that is.

Another thing that can greatly hurt the success of a project, is focusing on the wrong realm of whatever it is that you are an expert of.

Both of these are key. You need to have a product that people want, and you have to be able to reach your audience to let them know what is available to them.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Of course it is, but it is so easy to overlook during the period of getting juiced up during the creation process. Chances are that you love your area of expertise, which is great, as long as you do not forget who the product is for…your demographic.

Oh, and there is another challenge too. You might think that the way that you are going to be certain to succeed is that you are going to purchase those very expensive ads that are offered by search engine and social media platforms. Your rationale might be that at first you might not make a profit using ads to sell your eBook or course, but overtime, you might believe, you will start to make a profit.

This can be a very expensive undertaking and could lead to you losing a lot of money, especially if your expertise is not in the area of ads. So what can you do? We are not saying to throw out the ads completely.

We are suggesting though, that you might want to consider starting with free ways to promote what you are doing, while you are getting to know your product, not as a labor of love, but as something you want real customers to make real purchases from you.

Now if you are in the lucky position of not having created you course or written your eBook, then you will be able to take some time to research the positive reception of the concept you have,

The way big companies do this is through research and experimentation. Market research. Getting feedback from individuals. Testing out ideas. Getting a sense of what works and what does not. Getting a better concept of what customers want. But big brands have a lot of money to spend on these kinds of things but the small entrepreneur may not.

So what can be done. One thing that works for some is getting friends and family involved with getting their feedback, especially if the friend or family member is close to being who you think is likely a part of the audience you are trying to reach.

For some, especially introverts, this is not always the most practical. What is along those lines but a little more conducive to those who spend a lot of time on their computers, is surveys. Yes, everyone is doing that these days. Most likely because if it is done right it can be very helpful and eye opening.

There is also taking a look at what the competition is doing. What seems to be working for them? Is it something you could mimic? Or are you better off trying something they are not, as long as you test you idea before sinking a lot of time into it.

In short, anything and everything that you can do to get feedback from a match for your audience is very important. Because unless you know this information you might end up developing something for which there is no consumer.

It is a lot easier to make something for which there is a likely audience, than sinking lots of time and effort into something you like but for which there is no market.

In the end, it is not just to “Teach Your Expertise” it is more along the lines, if you want to be successful, to “Teach the aspect of your expertise that they want to know!”

But the great thing is that once you discover what that is, you can do it again and again for as long as it will last, by focusing on a particular area but each new product has a slight twist to it.

Now as you likely know, there are a lot of popular places online where people place their courses. There are locations for eBooks too, but as of this writing online courses are still selling well for certain kinds of topics. The question that comes up a lot is with so much competition among courses to be the one they purchase makes it tough.

That is where you have to be innovative and even maybe not only see things as your customer does, but even working a bit of magic and try to predict what they will want next, even if they themselves do not know what it is.