Home Business eLearning Helps with Marketing Solution

Taking on a Marketing PROBLEM is Home Business eLearning

Sometimes called the Blog Coalition, the WizNYC (short for Wizard of New York City) Network is introducing some magic inspired education of secret strategies to promote your business.

Are You in a Position to Take on the Financial Risk?

You see, Home Business eLearning is a part of the developing process to create a low or no cost strategy to take on the absurdly expensive Search and Social Ads. Among other things, one of the problems is the price, where you can easily pay 1 – 6 dollars for a single click? And the thing is it may, or may not, result in a new customer, let alone a lead, which may or may not result in a sale. In other words, you can potentially spend a lot of money but get nothing.

Home Business eLearning No Cost Solutions

To be clear, there are really only so many online marketing components. And even “Is Meta Ok?” recognizes that although the metaverse is the next step for many individually owned Meta-able entities, the fact still remains that at this point anyway, appear to be very similar to standard approaches, the only difference being the technology.

Align and Merge Known Strategies into new Ones

Technology similar to video games merged with existing known digital promotion solutions. What no cost solution for marketing are you possibly thinking about? In the next couple of months, we are a part of a large collaboration with the goal to magically align known strategies into new ones.

This problem clearly needs a strategy, and we are currently working on it. But we are not alone, because NYC Create is doing so also.