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eLearning in the Wings?

The publication you are reading right new was created with a high degree of enthusiasm. But now with the virus hitting NYC hard, the future of this website is not all that clear. The main thing that people are interested in regarding this blog, is when are the eLearning courses coming?

Content Development

I can only say “I don’t know.” Though, the good news is that there are several eBooks in development all on the topic of business communication and outreach. So there is hope for the site from a content point of view.

Where are the Arts?

But what about the Arts? There is definitely a correlation of arts to learning. They are pals. But how does the fare with a city that has no real visible artistic ventures, how can education do well? And the answer to that, at least on our end is, we’ll see…

Getting to Know Other Educators

Different Methods, One Goal

There are various ways of learning online. For example, although the websites Art Gush, Lights Camera Read and NYC Workshops all have an educational aspect, they all approach learning in different ways.

eBook Creation

Art Gush has gone through the gamut by first starting as a site for exploring the techniques for making a feature film by only one person, and then replacing that content with becoming consults for eBook Creation.

Midtown New York Public Library

Lights Camera Read got its start as a site for family activities in upper Manhattan, then landed a contract with the New York Public Library and participated in a teaching program at a library branch in midtown Manhattan.

Workshops Workshops Workshop

And finally, NYC Workshops worked with a leading after school program, then went on to exploring different workshops that were available in the city.