Learning with and from Others

Educational Process

My 12 year old daughter is engaged in remote learning and it really seems to be working out well. She appears to thrive in this approach. We are fortunate in having her enrolled in a school that has put a lot of thought and care into their distance learning educational process.

Positive Results

And because their curriculum and implementation is so close to home, it has shown me how, using interractive approaches such as Zoom, can be very effective. Although it does not have the same impact on kids who are are able to engage in, in person socialization, because of the fine work the school is doing, some socialization opportunities are carefully achieved. for example, ively discussions between kids with the facilitation of educators, makes this quite workable. We’ve seen the positive results ourselves.

Interactive Process

Watching the work of the school has inspired me in my own educational approaches with Home Business eLearning. We aim to create eBooks that not only tell you “how to” do something, but also offer solutions for discussions around the concept of media as an interactive process.