In the USA the Word “Marketing” Can Sometimes Be Off-putting

Method How to Decide Between “Marketing” and “Anti-Marketing”

The word “Marketing” is dangerous. There is a reason that if you use the word “Marketing” in the text content of a mass email you are sending, it will not make it into the primary bin. The assumption is that if you are using the word “Marketing” that you yourself are “Marketing” and that is undesired, hence it goes into the promotional bin.

And yet, it is hard for both Marketers and so-called “Everyday People,” to use the term Anti-Marketing. As is the case with both choices here in the USA is that both sides are right. Though, anti-marketing is likely to be the most popular, if it is shown to be a very scary and dangerous idea.

If you take away anything from all this, it is that people love running away from danger (as a topic), as opposed to embracing happiness (as a topic). Like everything, needless to say, it can vary depending on the presentation of these ideas and who is reading or watching them.

To Succeed as a U.S. Entrepreneur Do You Need to Do Something Different?

No of course not. If you are too different. If you are too ahead of your time. You will likely not win. The winner is the one who gives the illusion of being different but is really the “Same ole same ole.” We are talking about learning based digital products of course. And not technology that is evolving at a quick rate.

So, what are you supposed to do here in the United States? You already know the answer to this question of course. You need to start out with finding an unsolved problem that people have. Next, come up with an appealing solution.

Even better is if this problem needs regular purchases to keep it at bay.

You may have seen a horror movie that aspires to be a franchise. (A) The monster is on the loose which is the problem, (B) The monster is made to no longer be a danger which is the solution. And then finally is (C) in a fast manner something happens that only the movie viewing audience sees, which could the monster’s hand coming out from the dirt. Maybe another movie can therefore be made about the monster returning and creating problems again.

Method How to Not Be Successful in One Easy Lesson

The best way to be unsuccessful is to be paralyzed by fear and nothing else. To be a winner, you need to say “I can fix YOUR fear [which is really the fear of the “expert”] Quickly, Easily and Effectively. In other words, just as it is with many therapists, they are figuring themselves out via figuring out their patients. The message being that you do not have to have the perfect solution. Just something that is of value to somebody. Then find those people and offer your solution to them.

How to Get Clarity on the Next Steps You Need to Do to Make Your Home Business More Successful

No need to waste time.

Yianni Stamas here. Welcome to this brief post. What I am about to say is pretty obvious,, but is important to look at nonetheless. Clear communication is vital for your home business, even if you are a solopreneur, meaning you are the only person working. The fact is that it is very important to have clarity, whether you are emailing a customer or someone who you might have hired as a remote digital worker to do task for you. Clarity saves you time because if you can have solid communication when initially speaking with someone, it means you do not have to explain again, or even a third time or more, which wastes their time and yours.

Emotion and Tracking

There is of course someone else you want to have a clear relationship with, and that is yourself. To be successful with your home business you must have clarity in looking at your business. Being objective about your home business can be challenging. This is true especially during the early days of a home business during which you may have several emotional responses which could include being nervous and afraid while as the same time being delighted. For this reason and just in general, you need to have in place a method to track your business’ progress.

The special pressures of those with home businesses.

Tracking your business could include, looking at the money intake and outtake. Are you making a profit? Are there any things that you could do without or change that would make things more efficient? Some will tell you that you do not need to be very focused on profit and loss at the start, but that kind of advice is often given with brick and mortar in-person businesses. Retailers sometimes take out loans so they can make it through the first year if their business is not profitable initially. Home business owners on the other hand, often do not have this luxury. If you have a home business, you might be under financial pressure to do well in this area from the very start.

Yianni Stamas

How to Create and Profit from Your Very Own eLearning Course

Options in Presenting Your eLearning Course

eLearning is exploding and is an industry to be reckoned with since it making billions and billions of dollars. There are many exciting platforms that you can use to host you eLearning course or you can do so directly on your website.

Position Yourself as an Expert

What can your course be about? If you have a website online that covers a particular topic of interest the recommendation is to create an online course that reflects what you know best. With an eLearning course you can position yourself as an expert in your industry. Or if you are already known as an expert, eLearning can help you to cement your status nationally or even internationally.

What Platform Should you Offer Your Course On?

Thankfully there are platorms online that make it easy to get on the web with your course due to an ongoing phenomenon of the development of new platforms to reach your audience. And the tools needed to actually create your course have never been so simple to use.

What to Do with Your Online Course?

If you are a home business then making and promoting your eLearning course is a solid opportunity to let the world know what you offer. Producing an online eLearning course is a way that you can increase your presence on the internet with a low outlay of time and money. A simple web search will reveal to you the choices you have both in the production, distribution and advertising of your eLearning Couse.

Yianni Stamas Talks About How to Learn from Your Home Business

Your business is how you see it.

How Can Your Business Help?

It is important to learn from your home business each and every day. You need to track what is working and that which is not. And meanwhile, as the holidays quickly approach, you want to think about those who are less fortunate than you are and how you and your business can help.

Those in Your Community of Need

Some folks like to keep a notebook to write down all the things they uncover. In this very same notebook you can jot down ways that your company can assist those in your community who are in need.

Help Others During the Holiday

The final phase is actually applying what you have learned and therefore to hopefully build your business while simultaneously helping those this holiday season who desperately need the help from you and others.

Do it Anyway

There are so many reasons for NOT doing something. A big one is the fear of being criticized, judged, being mocked and so on. But you have to separate yourself from it and as long as you initially feel good about what you’ve done, hold on to it.

We are collectively feeling just that with the integration of all the aspects of Home Business Achievers including digital, awards and of course us here at E-Learning also known as eLearning. There is even talk of the integration of a marketing oriented department since ultimately all our departments come together to create that.

But what we are doing is new and therefore something that could easily come up as involving bullying from others. Again, we need to realize our feelings and distance ourselves from proclamations of us being worthless.

Worthless feelings can come from something in your past. They are distanced by you today. Focusing on the positivity is a clique, but it doesn’t matter. It is a good focus and one we will be using internally as we build our amazing promotion machine.